Vice President of Academic Affairs


Dr. Jalal Ahmed Saeed

VP of Academic Affairs  Office No: E/221-A Email:

Academic Qualifications:

  •      BSc. Civil Engineering, 1977
  • .    PG Diploma ( Civil Engineering - Structures ), 1978
  •      MSc. Structural Engineering, 1980
  •      PhD. Structural Engineering, 2001

Seated from left (Dr.Mustafa, Dr.Heshu, Dr.Salah, Dr.Jalal, and Dr.Muayad)

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- I am Professor Jalal Saeed and I have served in an academic environment in different KRG Universities for the past three decades.

- I have extensive experience in academic leadership as Chair of Departments, Associate Dean and Dean of Engineering Faculty since 1992.

- I have significant experience in the research and development of concrete structures, particularly on optimum design and behavior of concrete deep beams.

- In addition, I have taught various subjects in reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, steel structures, composite steel-concrete structures and have a thorough knowledge of structural optimization.

- I have taught structural optimization, particularly mathematical programming, for postgraduate students.

- I have supervised many PhD and master’s degree students in various fields of structural engineering and in the optimum design of concrete structures.

- I have published more than 15 scientific papers in different local and international journals and conferences.


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