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Tasks and Responsibilities

Tasks and Responsibilities of Board of Trustees

  1. Planning the general policy of the University in the light of regulation set by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHESR) of Kurdistan.
  2. Ratification and verification of University Council recommendation and decision. 
  3. Assessing University President or Dean according to the terms (provisions) of this law. 
  4. Managing, investing and disposing the university’s financial capital in accordance with the university scientific goals.
  5. Approving the plan for supplies which is needed for educational purposes.
  6. Suggesting tuition and fees to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHESR) to obtain their approval.
  7. Approving the extension of the University President’s term of services, or submit a candidate to replace or relief him/her.
  8. Appointing Vice President, Deans of Colleges and Head of Scientific department.
  9. Recommending new colleges, scientific departments, and merging or cancelling them according to the Quality Assurance regulations of MHESR.
  10. Approval of yearly budget and annual accounting records.
  11. Accepting grants, donations, presents, and allowances from within Kurdistan region after granting the MHESR’s approval and the Council of Minsters if they are from outside Kurdistan.
  12. Determining the salary ranges for staff and faculty.
  13. Reviewing the yearly plan of development projects submitted by the President.

Note: Board of Trustees may transfer some of its authorities to the President