Dr. Salahalddin Saeed Ali

President of Komar University of Science and Technology Office No: 201 Mobile: +964(0)770 407 7676 Email: president@komar.edu.iq

Be a model and leader for a quality higher education in the Region


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The President Message: 2017-2018

Dr. Salahalddin Saeed

President's short Bio
  • I, Professor Salahalddin Saeed Ali, took up the post of President at the Komar University of Science and Technology University since November 2017. Before that I was the President of Sulaimani University for six years from April 2012 to November 2016.

  1. BSc in Geology - Salahaddin University,Erbil-Iraq, 1982.
  2. MSc in Engineering Geology/Rock Mechanic - Mosul University, Mosul-Iraq, 1987.
  3. PhD In Hydrogeology-Belgrade University, Belgrade-Serbia,2007
  • Positions: 
  1. President of Sulaimai University from April 2012 to November 2016
  2. Dean for Faculty of Science and Education.
  3. Dean for the College of Science. October 2010 - August 2011
  4. Head of Scientific Committee. 2008-2010
  5. Member of University Council (Sulaimani). 2003-2004
  • Conference and Workshops:
  1. 2 nd scientific conference university of Salahaddin-1992. 
  2. 1 st scientific conference university of Sulaimani-2000.
  3. 1st Scientific conference of Ministry of Higher Education in Kurdistan,2000 
  4. 1 st scientific conference –Mosul dam research center –univ. of Mosul-1987. 
  5. AUA conference (Association of University Administrator) , University of Keel –UK -2004 
  6. International conference and field seminars on water resources and environmental problems in Karst, Belgrade & Kotor/ Serbia and Montenegro- 2005. 
  7. Workshop on Geology and geology of Iraq- Czech Republic 2006. 
  8. Annual Serbian Geological Society conference –Belgrade-2006 
  9. 4 th conference on hydrogeology, ecology, monitoring and management of groundwater in karst terrains, Florida, USA, Feb.27-28, 2007.
  10. 33rd IGC (international Geological Congress), Oslo, August- 2008. 
  11. 3rd scientific conference of the College of Science, University of Baghdad. 24 to 26 March 2009 
  12. 4th International symposium on Karst- Malaga – Spain-April-2010.
  13. KGS workshop - Water Management in Kurdistan –Sulaimani – 2008.
  14. Hydrogeology and join Master Course program in Bergakademia-Frieberg University – Germany, 2009. 
  15. Workshop on GIS application in Hydrogeological studies, Belgrade 2009.
  16. Workshop on Integrated water resources Management, Erbil (Ministry of Higher education and Ministry of Water Resources KRG), 2008. 
  17. Workshop on Integrated water resources management with Grant Thorton- USA & governorate of Sulaimani- 2009.
  18. Workshop on “Environmental Sustainability: Ground Water Dependent Ecosystems” from 19-23 September 2010- Aqaba, Jordan, UNISCO
  • Areas of Interests: Higher Education for Development of Society and quality performance.



  • Mr. Aree Ali
  • Mrs. Shilan Mohamed
  • Mrs. Peshwaz Taha
  • Mr. Harzheen Tareq